Feb 11, 2023


$240 team fee

($30 per player)


Catholic University

DuFour Athletic Center

600 Taylor St., NE, Washington, DC

2023 Snowball Tournament


SnowBall is a one-day, inter-division friendly volleyball tournament! Teams must consist of two (2) players from each of DCPVL's four (4) competitive league divisions OR of a comparable skill level.


  • Anyone can register to play, provided they are at least 18 years old on the day of the tournament.
  • Free agent players looking for a team are welcome to register.
  • Individuals who did not participate in Season 11 or a prior season of DCPVL league play will be assigned a division level based on NAGVA/USAV ratings and level of play.
  • If your roster contains only 1 Division 1/2 player, you may have an additional Division 3/4 player.
  • Captains may submit full or partial rosters and request free agents.


  • No divisions - all same level of play.
  • Teams of eight (8) consisting of two (2) players from each division.
  • Jerseys are not required for this tournament.
  • Pool Play: four (4) matches timed at 35 minutes, consisting of two sets to 25, starting at 4, cap of 27.
  • Playoffs: single elimination matches best two out of three sets.


Getting to the Gym

A map for getting to the gym is available here.  This is the same gym we use for the DCPVL Competitive League. Players should use the main entrance usually used for competitive league nights. Parking is available in the lot next to the facility. Please get there early as parking may be limited.

Check In

Check in will begin at 7:30am and each player must check in.  There will be a brief captain’s meeting at 7:45am

The Facility

There will be space for players to stash your bags around the gym. Restrooms are available to change in but no locker rooms/showers will be available. No food is allowed on the gym floor. Please keep caps on water bottles at all times to avoid spills.


All applicable NAGVA rules will be observed for the purposes of this tournament. There must be a player from every division on the court at all times (i.e. both of your division 2 players can not be on the sidelines at the same time). Specific facility rules, if needed, will be detailed at the captain's meeting prior to the start of pool play. Jerseys are NOT required for this friendly tournament.

Register team - $500
Team City and Team Name
Captain Phone Number

Add additional player - $70ea
Team Name