<div class="about-callout">DC Pride Volleyball is an inclusive organization that offers opportunities to play volleyball for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies in the Washington, DC metro area. </div>

We are committed to providing a social and competitive environment for members to meet new people and improve volleyball skills, while maintaining integrity, safety, and good sportsmanship.

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DC has a history of fostering both social and competitive volleyball. A “social Tuesday” league was held for over 30 years, and a NAGVA tournament has been held in DC annually for over 20 years. Although these events were initially organized by different groups, the founding of Capital City Volleyball (CCV) in 2011 aligned them together and provided additional playing opportunities.

A photo of a DCPVL gathering with a banner.

In 2015, CCV evolved into DCPVL. In the years since, DCPVL has grown to be a staple of the DC volleyball community, providing competitive and social play, as well as skills-building opportunities for beginners and seasoned players alike.


DCPVL is a member of Team DC, which encourages and supports involvement in sports within the LGBTQ+ community in the DC metro area. Team DC strives to promote excellence, integrity, and good sporting conduct in individual and team sports.

The North American Gay Volleyball Association (NAGVA) is committed to promoting and developing the sport of volleyball in the LGBTQ+ community. DCPVL is a member of NAGVA, and our annual tournament is NAGVA-sanctioned.

Sister Leagues

  • Charm City Volleyball is Baltimore’s LGBTQ+ volleyball organization, offering weekly social and competitive open gyms, as well as an annual NAGVA tournament.
  • Gotham Volleyball is NYC’s LGBTQ+ volleyball organization, which offers league and open play, volleyball training classes, and multiple NAGVA and friendship tournaments. Gotham was has been a great ally and resource in setting up our league.